Our EMT Board of Trustees

SMCAS’s board of trustees leads decisions for the company and guides our EMTs to a bright future for SMCAS and the patients that we help. Each decision made by our board is done with the goal of improving the healthcare services that SMCAS provides to those in need. With years of experience in the business of advanced life support, our board of trustees works to ensure SMCAS always has the best equipment, training, and services available for any patient in Southwest Michigan that needs medical transport. See our board members, as well as the meeting minutes of our board of trustees below.

Board Members

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2022-09 Meeting Minutes
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2022-08 Meeting Minutes
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2022-07 Meeting Minutes
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2022-05 Meeting Minutes
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2022-04 Meeting Minutes
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2022-03 Meeting Minutes
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2022-01 Meeting Minutes
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2021-12 Meeting Minutes
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2021-06 Municipal Call Report
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