About SMCAS, Your Medical Transport

SMCAS works to provide excellent patient care through medical transport services that are always on time and always focused on getting patients quickly to their treatment facility. With a dedicated team that is part of the local community that we serve, we are always focused on getting everyone the proper care that they need to reach their destination safely and securely so they can receive professional help.

Mission Statement

Southwestern Michigan Community Ambulance Services’ mission is to provide the best and most prompt, emergent out-of-hospital medical care possible to our community. To provide such quality service, we will provide an organized method of response through promotion of system access, health education, and rescue coordination. SMCAS also strives to enhance the quality of life in our communities by providing the highest quality of advanced life support care, treatment, and transportation to definitive and/or specialized care facilities, while effectively participating as an integral part of the health-care system.

Values Statement

SMCAS adheres to the highest set of values for the service and to all of our employees. Those values include:

  • COMPASSION: Compassion for those whom we serve in the direst of need.
  • HONESTY: Honesty in all things we do.
  • MOTIVATION: Motivation to do what is right for the patient.
  • RESPECT: Respect for all, regardless of race, creed, sex, and religious convictions.
  • RESOURCEFULNESS: Resourcefulness to perform the best medical care possible in the most undesirable places and situations.
  • PREPAREDNESS: To be prepared for any medical or traumatic emergency; and any local, regional, or national disaster.

Vision Statement

It is the vision of Southwestern Michigan Community Ambulance Services to provide the best patient care possible by having the most advanced pre-hospital education, equipment, skills, and techniques. SMCAS promises to provide this excellence in care by continuing and advancing education, purchasing the most advanced equipment available, performing constant skill assessments, and ongoing clinical quality assurance.

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