Serving The Community

The problem:

SMCAS needs an increase in local funding to maintain the high-level of 24/7 pre-hospital care we provide the community.

  • Each parcel/home in the community currently pays $20 a year for EMS services.
  • This rate hasn’t increased in more than 25 years.
  • This only amounts to 19% of our annual budget.

The solution:

To maintain the level of care you expect and deserve, we are seeking an increase in our special assessment over the next five years.

  • In the first year, it would go from $20 to $30 a year.
  • It would then increase by $5 for the next 4 years until it caps at $50. 
  • This assessment will be reviewed and approved by your local township/city officials.

The additional funding would be used to:

  • Recruit and retain new and existing staff
  • Ensure staff are being paid an industry standard rate for their work
  • Better cover SMCAS operational costs.